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Built with an aluminum body, inlayed with a surgical stainless steel micromesh, Mastershield is built for durability, strength, and performance.

Superior Technology

From the patented micromesh to intuitively pitching it with the roof, Mastershield holds 8 unique patents that set it apart from the rest of the industry.

Elite Guards

From birds and bees, to Pine needles to Oak tassels, Mastershield guards from all of natures hassles.

Patented Hydrovortex

The way that the micromesh is woven creates a natural phenomenon called the Hydrovortex, which creates a suction that draws water through it.

Clog-Free Gaurantee

The absolute best guarantee in the industry.  Our lifetime, no-clog guarantee assures that once you have Mastershield installed, there is no looking back.

Perfect Installation

Our professional, certified technicians custom install Mastershield to manufacturer specifications to suite your unique home.

You deserve a shiny new set of armour for your gutters, let us get you fitted.

  Are you tired of trotting out that rickety old ladder only to be confronted by a grab bag of mystery substances, gutter dwellers, and other unpleasantness?   We here at Gutter King are pleased to present the finest in gutter protection to end this springtime ritual.  We are the only Authorized Mastershield dealer for the Minneapolis – St. Paul Metro.  Let us show you how Mastershield technology can Protect Your Castle.

Tiger Striping

If your gutter has vertical stripes running down the outside of it, this is the prime indicator that you have water flowing over the edge of your gutter.

Leaking Joints or Corners

Leaks can range from annoying, to down-right dangerous.  Usually a leak will occur anywhere there is a corner or where two gutters come together at a seam.

Cracked Foundation

A cracked foundation is a canary in a coal mine, it is a huge indicator of severe problems that need to be addressed immediately.

Plants Growing

Plants in the gutters tell you that seeds are taking root in your gutter AND being fed by the organic build up in the gutter, clogging is imminent, if not already occurring.

Some of the tell tale signs that your gutter situation is in disarray and could use some help.