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Dateline: In the Shadows of a Golden Valley Gutter Guard

It was midday when our team pulled up to a lovely little home tucked away in the residential neighborhoods of Golden Valley, MN.  At first glance, everything appeared fine.  A traditional gutter system surrounded the house.  Over top of the gutters were covers meant to keep out debris and other blockage.  The homeowner believed they were safe.

But when the rains came, everything went wrong.

The gutters backed up and overflowed from above.  Down below, little to no water came from the pipe.  Looking a little deeper, the truth was revealed.  Underneath the gutter cover, trouble had made a home.

Beneath the Surface

The job was simple.  We were called in for gutter cleaning and to replace the current gutter guards with high quality, Mastershield guards.  Upon removing the old, helmet-style guards, we discovered quite a few surprises.

First up was a collection of leaves, one of the simplest things a gutter guard should be keeping out.  Yet, there they were, huddled together, forming a perfect rain blocking barrier.

20151009_142515Underneath the leaves was a sizable collection of mud and muck.  In the damp, darkness of the gutter, it had begun to rot and decay, building mold and potential disease.  Mixed in with the leaves, this gutter clogging concoction wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Unfortunately, mold wasn’t the only living organism to be found.

20151009_143200During our investigation, we found a fully intact hornet’s nest.  The worst part is, not only did the old gutter guard not create an enclosed system to prevent these creatures from getting in, but it was also concealed enough that the homeowners would have had a very difficult time finding the source of their hornet problem.

The thing that should have been protecting their home was actually putting them in a high-risk chance of being stung by a member of the hive they were housing.

But the last thing we found was probably the most interesting: a full-sized birds nest.

Though there wasn’t anyone home when we found it, the nest appeared to be recently lived in.  The birds probably thought they had found a safe and secured home.  We’re not sure how well they faired when the first storm came.


The question is, how could a secure, debris blocking gutter guard system allow any of these things, particularly full size birds, inside?  The conclusion is painfully simple:

The gutter guards were no good.

Not All Gutter Guards are Created Equal

If you’re going to get gutter guards, there’s no reason to bother with anything less than the best.  Mastershield guards provide a completely enclosed gutter, allowing nothing in. Its self-cleaning design keeps it free from debris, and it’s pitched with the roof so that leaves and twigs fall off with the slightest breeze.

If this Golden Valley resident had been using Mastershield from the start, they could have avoided a whole lot of messes.  Sometimes lessons are learned the hard way.  Don’t be a victim.  Get a quote on Mastershield or book an installation appointment today.

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