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What Makes Micro Mesh Guards Better?

Gutter guards are a necessary part of protecting your home from the elements, especially for homes that sit in heavily wooded areas. Unless you actually enjoy cleaning out piles of junk from gutter systems (we do, which is why we offer services to do it for you), you know the importance of investing in gutter guards.

With so many guard systems on the market, it’s right to assume that some are better than others. While most will offer some measure of protection, none provide the same level as micro mesh gutter guards.

Is there really a noticeable difference?

It doesn’t take a trained eye to notice the difference in protection that micro mesh guards offer. As professional gutter cleaners, we can attest to this.

While gutter guards do cut down on how often you have to clean, only the micro mesh system fully protects your gutters from debris both large and small.

Gutter clogs don’t usually happen all at once. It’s not every day that a giant piece of debris falls from above and instantly ebbs the flow of water through the entire system. Even with guards in place that stop large pieces of debris from gunking up the works, smaller particles such as pine needles, seeds, dirt and shingle granules can build up over time and create a stoppage of flow.

And it’s these types of clogs that are the hardest to clean. It’s the difference between pulling a branch out of the gutter and sticking your hand in piles of muck and grime.

So what do you do when your gutter guards clog? You clean them out, of course, but what’s the point of having gutter guards if you still have to clean them from time to time?

The Micro Mesh Difference

The tiny holes in the micro mesh system keep out even the smallest pieces of debris. Best of all, it’s design allows for self cleaning by the very cause of clogs. It’s gusts of wind that bring in the debris, and it’s gusts of wind that will wipe them off the top of the system.

You have to really try to clog a micro mesh gutter guard, so unless you have gutter saboteurs running rampant in your neck of the woods your system is virtually impervious to clogs.

Only micro mesh gutter guards fully eliminate the hazardous and downright nasty chore of gutter cleaning. Installation is fast and non-invasive to your home. Just one phone call and we will have one of our trained professionals out to your house just as soon as they are done pulling the gunk out of someone else’s gutters.

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